We recently held a very lively and informative housing hustings with local parliamentary candidates, to a packed auditorium in the Brighthelm Centre,

We are holding the second of our election debates, this time to give residents a chance to question local Councillor candidates on what they will do if elected to address the housing crisis in this area. We have asked the housing spokesperson of each party to reply to our questions which will form part of the debate on the night.

The Council does have powers to affect the outcome of people’s chances for a decent home:-

  • To build new social housing at a fair rent
  • Promote regulation of landlords
  • Working towards setting up ethical letting agents
  • Work together for the greater good of the citizens of Brighton and Hove

The council has already extended the HMO licencing scheme but much more needs to be done to ensure landlords comply with decent standards.

During our campaign we have spoken to hundreds of people, at our stalls and events who are at breaking point because they are not afforded one of the most basic human rights – a secure and decent place to live!

We have a petition of almost 3,000 local residents supporting A CALL FOR FAIR PRIVATE RENTS, NEW SOCIAL HOUSING AND SECURE TENANCIES, which we will hand in to all parliamentary and council candidates just before the election.

When: Wednesday 29th April
Time: 7pm
Where: The Brighthelm Centre, Stanmer Room Brighthelm Church and Community Centre, North Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1YD

Local Housing Election