Tomorrow (16th April 2015) Shelter is taking their campaign for more affordable homes to the streets. The streets of Brighton……

So stop by and say hello – they’ll be in Jubilee Square from 11am – 3pm tomorrow. Or better still, if you have a spare half hour, come and give them a hand. Take a look at Shelters blog to find out more about what they’ll be doing on the day.

They’re campaigning in Brighton tomorrow because without enough affordable homes:

  • house prices go up so fewer people can buy
  • more people are forced into unstable and expensive private renting
  • fewer people can rent social housing

So finding somewhere to live becomes more difficult for everyone.

Which is why Shelter will be asking the people of Brighton to sign their petition for more genuinely affordable homes, where they’re needed most.

Please email Shelter at if you’d like to help out or for more information.

Hopefully see you tomorrow!