A post on Generation Rent by Alex Hilton explains an easy way to implement a National Register of Landlords.

The benefits

The national register is simple, and it would be used by local authority housing enforcement teams.

  • All tenancies are required to be registered.
  • Local enforcement teams log their landlord enforcement actions.
  • The system automatically alerts any authority where that “dodgy” landlord has registered a tenancy of a list of properties in that authority where that landlord operates.
  • Authorities prioritise this list for inspection.
  • Authorities compile a list of properties where no one is registered to vote or where there are council tax arrears and deletes from the list all known social tenured homes.
  • Authorities delete from the list all registered private tenancies.
  • Authorities prioritise this list for inspection as they are highly likely to be unregistered private tenancies.

Due to the implementation of a blanket licensing scheme in Newham, that authority has been able to focus its enforcement resources using the information detailed above. Furthermore, they are recouping an estimated £1.3 million in previously unpaid Council Tax.

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A national register of landlords

Let’s implement a national register of landlords