Oooh there’s a property party….

….for those with seemingly no ethics apart from making money from property and others’ misery – what an exciting crowd they must be!

The Property Award event takes place on 21st April in London, but those of with high ethical standards, respect for human dignity and human rights we will be taking mass action against the Property Developers (fun?!) party.

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Property Party Mass Action

Property Party Mass Action

A total sham…

Despite  the ‘March For Homes’ in March 2015 having a greater turn out of people it received miniscule coverage, and on the contrary there was a huge amount of coverage of the ‘Homes For Britain’ march,

So, why why why why oh why the discrepancy??? has published an extremely insightful article explaining why the ‘Homes For Britain’ march was an absolute sham.

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It’s time to ban the fees…

Fed up with rip off agency fees in the private rented sector?  The figures are clear:-

“…Most agents charge for checking references, but costs range from as little as £6 to £300, according to the study. Renters can also be hit by charges ranging from between £15 to £300 for simply renewing their tenancies. Some agents charged £300 for credit checks that are widely available for £25.

Even when moving out of a property, almost half of the 353 agencies polled by Citizens Advice said they charge an average ‘check out’ fee of £76….”

As published by Citizens Advice here>>

To add insult to injury, which other market charges both parties?…this being both the renters and the landlords!!! There NEEDS to be regulation.

Oh, and did you know???… “…A fees ban was introduced in Scotland in 2012 and there is no clear evidence to suggest it has led to an increase in rental prices….”

As published by Citizens Advice here>>

Take a stand, pass this on, let others know!

Fed up with letting fees

There is a lack of regulation in the Private Rented Sector

“….The growth of the private rented sector in the last 20 years has seen a huge rise in amateur landlords across Britain. Currently 72% of landlords rent out just one property and 88% rent out less than three properties; furthermore, the huge majority are not part of professional industry bodies or accreditation schemes. Due to the lack of regulation in the sector, though, these figures remain estimates – the government does not actually know how many landlords are currently operating in the country…..” (Generation Rent)

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