Newsreader exposes the truth about economics “…Economics to me is….

…can I afford to buy a house?”
“Where do you live?”
[a gasp of absurdity]”No!”
“Can I afford to rent?”
“Where do you live again?”
[another gasp of absurdity]”No!”
“What can I afford then? – A cupboard under the stairs for £500 a month…How can that possibly be a healthy housing market?…”

View this brilliant performance and honest take on this serious subject by satirical entertainer Jonathan Pie

There are alternatives to our current renting system…..

An article in explains how:-

…..most rents are capped, revenge evictions are illegal and affordable housing quotas are enforced…..

BUT before you get too elated by this revelation, these regulations are in Amsterdam, not England…however, this is on similar lines to what we The Living Rent Campaign are striving to achieve.

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A nest, not a nest egg

What does home means in modern Britain?

Panorama– What Britain Wants: 2. Somewhere to Live

An insightful and interesting documentary with Mariella Frostup reporting on what home means in modern Britain.

Somewhere to Live - Panorama

What Britain Wants: 2. Somewhere to Live
In the second of Panorama’s four-part series on how voters are feeling as the general election approaches, Mariella Frostup reports on what home means in modern Britain. Owning a home helped define the good life in Britain for generations, but has it now become an impossible dream?