To: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group and Brighton and Hove City Council

Stop the theft of Brighton General Hospital site: Keep it Public! Please sign this Petition

1.Conduct a more meaningful and extensive public consultation on the potential uses for this site – NHS, housing and community.
2. Explore further NHS uses for this site – such as community beds.
3. Brighton and Hove city to purchase the site.
4. Ensure any housing built on this site includes housing for social rent, keyworker housing and addresses the needs of homeless people in the city.                                                                                                         bgh image

Why is this important?

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust plan to sell the Brighton General Hospital and develop a new Community Health Hub. Brighton General Hospital Action Group believe that this public land must remain a public asset for the people of Brighton and Hove.We believe that this site redevelopment offers the opportunity to address some of the much needed, and urgent, health, social care and housing needs in the city and are concerned that current proposals are inadequate.



The proposed development of the former hospital on Elm Grove is a shameful missed opportunity. Our city is gripped by crisis-level housing, health and social care needs. And yet the NHS has proposed the 10 acre hospital site— gifted to the people of Brighton in 1865— be sold to private developers. Instead of providing publicly owned and genuinely affordable housing (including NHS and social care amenities), the development of the land—our land—will follow the predictable path of luxury apartments gift-wrapped in vague promises of a ‘health-hub’ and an ’affordable’ housing component (as always ‘affordable’ defined as 80% of market value and thus out of reach for people on middle or low income).

Today campaigners demonstrated outside the hospital before a board meeting of the Sussex NHS Trust to let them know that we will not allow this site to be sold off to private, profiteering developers.

This site belongs to us. Its future should be determined by us. That it should be stolen from us and passed to private hands is a scandal—if we let this happen the land and all the opportunities it held for the people of Brighton will be gone forever. Contact your MP! Join the campaign: contact:

bgh-demo Elm Grove (1)

We will be outside the Brighton and Hove Full Council meeting this afternoon at 3.45 to let Councillors know that we expect them to support the PUBLIC development of this site, which they voted unanimously in the summer to support.

Join the campaign!

Hove Housing Crisis – Public Meeting – Saturday 12 May

The Living Rent Campaign will have a stall here too! Come and question our representatives on what they will do about the  housing crisis in Hove. In this area we have seen mainly developments that are designed for the luxury market and ordinary people have been priced out.

Public Meeting organised by Hove & Portslade Labour Party

12 May 9.30 am to 1.30 pm Brunswick Primary School – Somerhill Rd, Hove BN3 1RP

If you are concerned about housing in Hove, come along to this meeting to hear the facts, share your views and help us develop solutions.

…plus an advice Market Place of organisations that can help with your housing queries.


John Healey – Shadow Housing Minister

Claire Moonan – Councillor for Central Hove

Andy Winter – Chief Executive, Brighton Housing Trust Chair:

Chair: Peter Kyle – MP for Hove


Open Brighton & Hove’s Night shelters All Year Round – update

Great news the petition was presented by John Hadman at full council on 1st February and passed unanimously!

What’s Next for Brighton & Hove’s Homeless?

John has written a letter to Councillor Clare Moonan to ask for more night shelter accommodation. Here is a video of the ingenious and practical pods that are being used for sleeping in. They provide a basic human right – a place to lay your head that is warm, dry and secure. See the video to find out more.

We will follow it to make sure the council keep to their word.

To: Brighton & Hove City Council

Open Brighton’s Homeless Shelters 365 days a year

Campaign created by
John Hadman

Sign petition to Brighton & Hove City Council to open homeless night shelters all year round (365 days).

Night shelter.jpg.galleryIn the meantime, we urge the council to conform to central government directions on opening SWEP shelters (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol). We understand this government requirement is not being met, with approximately £90,000 left unspent from previous years of SWEP budget. Read more and sign petition